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Who are we?

From past to present, our company in the world is a national company between Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong. Main business of our company is to design and sell wig hairstyles, hairpiece hairstyles to the world, as well as produce face masks for many cinemas without distinguishing from the real one, and at the same time, our technology R&D team prepares video animations. These animation videos are advertising promotional shots of companies. They are generally based on artificial intelligence. Our R&D team is an expert in artificial intelligence, while many companies are trying to produce products and introduce a new product to the world market, we thought with our R&D team why?

Should we not promote companies' products or applications in mobile stores? And we decided and started BOTAPIX at the end of 2021. We rolled up our sleeves, then artificial face and avatar demands started to come. We have established a new artificial intelligence team in this field and ADAPTED it to BOTAPIX with this artificial intelligence team. BOTAPIX is a high-tech project beyond what is known. You will realize this project with 5,000 colleagues from all over the world…

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soon you will make money from every picture by uploading street, avenue, square pictures


BOTAPIX, together with its 5000 physical working members in every country around the world, enables companies around the world to share their new applications and enable them to be downloaded to mobile phones quickly. And at the same time, it directs people to shopping by quickly sharing the links of the campaign products of e-commerce companies in the world. These application links and shopping product links are services in accordance with the cultural and moral values of the society and the legal regulations of the countries. BOTAPIX's aim is to provide quick access to the society thanks to you physical boots in the world.



As BOTAPIX, you, our valuable physical boots, are indispensable for us on this path we set out. Because the technological trades we will make in every country of the world are made through our valuable boots. The focus of the system is you, our precious boots. We cannot reach the end user quickly without you. This is a new trading model and we are reaching a structure that allows it to read and guide you. What you need to do is to copy and send the links that the page will give you every day to at least 5 people a day on BOTAPIX.com. These links are Google Play, Appstore, Huawei stores, a game's shopping site, service industry, etc. There may be download links, or there may be links of shopping e-commerce sites around the world to products in the campaign on sale. It operates entirely within the framework of the law and moral values of the society. With the link sharing of our valuable boots, users and end consumers are reached organically and quickly. Here, the companies that BOTAPIX agrees upon will pay their advertising fees to BOTAPIX, not to social media or institutions. While BOTAPIX earns with these fees received from companies, it also gives you a share to you colleagues. You can see these shares in your back office wallets you use. This year, that is, in 2022, we are completing our 5,000 boots in every country of the world. As a strict rule only 5,000 participants from each country will be provided, never more. While you share the links provided by our page, you will also earn from 20% to 30% per month on your investments. As our BOTAPIX team, our work will continue in the background. If we talk about these studies; by 2022, we will reach the number of 5,000 people in each country and develop a fast trade model and finish our work in the field of METAVERSE. At the end of 2022, we will ask you to upload DAILY OUTDOOR PICTURES OF PLACES SUCH AS SMALL STREET, STREET, NEIGHBORHOOD, SQUARE, LAND, CULTURE AND ART. The reason for this is that since we will move to the METAVERSE field in 2023, thanks to you, our valuable boots, we will quickly CREAT OUR OWN METAVERSE WORLD, more advantageously than many other companies in the world of METAVERSE! And you will earn money for every picture and photo you upload here. These earnings will be enough to make you a millionaire… IN THE FUTURE, PEOPLE WILL BUY THESE PICTURES THAT YOU TAKE IN THE WORLD OF METAVERSE, AND HERE WE WILL BE 50% OWNER AND YOU WILL BE 50% RIGHT AS YOU TAKE THE OFFICIAL PHOTO. WE WILL MAKE THE MARKETING SALES OF THIS IN THE WORLD OF METAVERSE AS BOTAPIX… In today's technology, people will use the links you share on mobile or physically, but in the world of the future, everything including shopping, interviews, game industry will be made over METAVERSE and here our valuable boots will come into play. Here, too, you will have a great task. BAPIX, BOTAPIX'S COIN, WILL ENTER THE WORLD COIN MARKET IN 2023, AND WILL BE LISTED ON EXCHANGES. WHAT IS BAPIX COIN? BABIX COIN IS A COIN OF BOTAPIX. BAPIX COIN WAS PREPARED AT THE PHASE OF 2022 AND WAITING FOR BIRTH. THIS COIN WILL BE A COIN TRADING, WHICH WILL BE USED FOR PURCHASES AMONG USERS AND ON THE CUSTOMER PLATFORM IN METAVERSE AND EXCHANGES WORLDWIDE, AT THE SAME TIME IN APPLICATION. You, our valuable boots, will be the first to own this BAPIX coin, and you will be the first to sell to users and traders on the stock market, and BAPIX coin, as an industry in itself, will offer you the opportunity to earn millions from here. Do not forget that if you have a giant staff of 5,000 people in every country of the world, it means that you will have a lot of commercial and technological power. Our biggest slogan is BOTAPIX, THE TECHNOLOGY OF THE FUTURE, and the work you do today will be the infrastructure of the technology of the future. As the most vivid example of this, WE WILL START OUR METAVERSE WORLD BY MEETING OUR esteemed collaborators at 02.12.2022 DUBAI MEETING, which will last for 3 days. IT IS TIME TO WORK FOR OUR BOTAPIX FAMILY NOW. WE ARE EXCITINGLY WAITING TO MEET WITH YOU IN DUBAI ON 02.12.2022. THE WORK OF OUR FAMILY FOR THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE BOTAPIX…

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